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Join the scrappy, skeptical and generally well-intentioned Adweek team for a weekly discussion of creativity, marketing, media, technology and all the amazing things that are probably just ads for something else.
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Dec 29, 2016

This week we're looking back at the trends in creativity, media and tech that shaped 2016. We also talk about the far-too-soon passing of Carrie Fisher and discuss more of the week's news.

Dec 14, 2016

Join us as we count down the 10 best ads of 2016! Our panel of Adweek writers and editors also talks about the new round of Golden Globe nominations and Time's polarizing pick of Donald Trump as Person of the Year.  

Dec 7, 2016

We unveil our three Agencies of the Year, debate the effectiveness of boycotting your former advertisers and look at some of the week's best ads, including an incredible spot with a blood-chilling twist. Join Adweek's panel of writers and editors for our weekly discussion of all things marketing, media, tech and pop culture.

Nov 30, 2016

What were the hottest apps, TV shows, magazine covers and personalities of 2016? Our panel runs down Adweek's annual Hot List, along with the week's best ads (including Wes Anderson's return to marketing, this time for H&M). We also talk about AT&T's new TV package for cord cutters, Casey Neistat's new CNN gig and lots more.

Nov 16, 2016

It's only the middle of November, but we're already deluged with holiday ads. Our panel of experts sifts through this year's feel-good spots to find the real gems (and the lumps of coal). We also talk about how brands and agencies might respond to a Trump presidency in their targeting and messaging, and we discuss Facebook's rotten week as well as the colorful launch of Snap Inc.'s Spectacles.

Nov 9, 2016

Trump's the new U.S. president, and a few more states have made it legal to smoke marijuana. Oddly enough, those two aren't directly related. Our panel of Adweek editors talk about these ballot results, along with the Adweek 50, our annual list of the real power players behind today's top marketers and media outlets. Check out this week's episode for all that, plus the week's best ads.

Nov 2, 2016

We memorialize the loopy candle in the wind that was Vine, then move on to more positive news like the week's best ads, our fascinating conversation with #BlackLivesMatter icon DeRay Mckesson and the joys of having an awesome creative side job.

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Oct 26, 2016

Who are this year's top brand marketers? And would Arnold Schwarzenegger run for president if he could (spoiler: yes). Adweek's panel of writers and editors is back to talk about our annual Brand Genius issue, along with the return of REI's #OptOutside, annoying drones, why marketers love being called f*ckfaces and our favorite ads of the week.

Oct 19, 2016

It's one of the biggest weeks of the year for marketers, with the ANA Masters of Marketing conference underway. So our panel of Adweek editors and writers is talking retail, gender shifts and the rise of We also chat about Trump's late arrival to the ad scene and Wieden + Kennedy's new leadership shifts.   

Oct 12, 2016

Will Samsung's explosion problem drive the brand out of the smartphone game? How many people watched the second presidential debate, and where? Is L.A. the next great advertising city? Does New York smell like trash? Our panel of Adweek editors and writers weighs in on all the week's weighty issues in marketing, media, advertising and tech.

Oct 6, 2016

Who made Adweek's annual Young Influentials list of 40 power players under 40? Our panel also talks about the slew of new Google devices coming to market, and we reflect on the loss of our globally respected colleague, Noreen O'Leary, who lost her battle to cancer at age 59.

Sep 29, 2016

It's Advertising Week in New York! In this week's episode, we chat about sessions we went to (and moderated) and the industry trends everyone's been talking about. We also talk about the first presidential debate, and how brands (and an old sitcom) newsjacked it. And we run through some of the big winners from Wednesday's Clio Awards.

Sep 22, 2016

It's all about television this week, as Adweek TV reporter Jason Lynch and the rest of our panel chat about the Emmys, as well as which new broadcast shows we should (and shouldn't) be watching this fall. We also talk about new Apple and Audi ads, the ubiquitous James Corden, and yes, whether the Brangelina split really is the end of the world as we know it.

Sep 15, 2016

Can Samsung get past the Galaxy Note 7's teeny tiny explosion problem? Can AdBlock Plus win back users who think it's a traitor for selling "acceptable" ads? Can all subway ads (please) be replaced by cats? Our panel of Adweek experts tackles these burning questions and looks over 2016's winners in our Media Plan of the Year awards.

Sep 8, 2016

The new iPhone is here and it's ... shinier? Also, we ponder Cam Newton's connection to Watership Down and debate Dos Equis' new, Franco-Spanish Most Interesting Man in the World. Then we dig deep into Facebook's war with ad blockers. Our theme music is by Home.

Sep 1, 2016

McDonald's has a new agency, Facebook Trending has new robot overlords, Stranger Things is coming back, Pretty Little Liars is going away, and audio is the new video. Adweek's David Griner, Kristina Monllos, Tim Nudd and Alfred Maskeroni discuss it all, including the viral glory of sex with sandwiches.

Aug 26, 2016

Should we celebrate or mourn the death of Gawker? Which Olympic ads were worth watching? And IS Oscar Isaac still our boyfriend? Team Adweek tackles the weighty issues of the world.