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Join the scrappy, skeptical and generally well-intentioned Adweek team for a weekly discussion of creativity, marketing, media, technology and all the amazing things that are probably just ads for something else.
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Sep 24, 2017

Fall TV is back! Print ads are back! Advertising Week NY is back! That means our panel of Adweek writers and editors has plenty of trends, topics and trash fires to talk about this week. Let's dive in.

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Timestamps: 01:15: Fall TV preview—we preview the season's best and worst new shows | 16:35: Snowbird ski resort turned one-star reviews into a five-star ad campaign | 20:35: L.L. Bean's print ad that can only be seen outside | 24:30: Advertising Week NY kicks off, and we look at the trends and topics that'll dominate the week.


Sep 20, 2017

Grab an Emmy in one hand and a Media Plan of the Year trophy in the other, because it's time for Adweek's weekly podcast. We're talking about Apple's shift against ad tracking, the year's most innovative media plans and how Hulu and Netflix eclipsed Amazon at the Emmys.


01:35: Apple faces backlash from the ad industry over tracking limitations | 09:00: Hulu wins big at the Emmys | 15:25: Errol Morris (and son) created 56 ads for one campaign | 23:00: TV's doctors are back (with Doogie Howser) for Cigna | 27:35: 2017's Media Plans of the Year

Sep 13, 2017

Please hold this podcast to your face as we scan your identity, then we'll get into our discussion of the new iPhoneX, this year's inventive marketing ideas being honored by Project Isaac and the client impact of Fearless Girl.

Timestamps: 0:45: Apple's big announcements | 13:45: Panel introductions | 15:10: Fearless Girl's impact for the client | 22:25: Bumble's brilliant catfish-roasting food truck | 28:00: Lyft rides back to the 1800s with Jeff Bridges | 34:35: Halo Top creates the year's creepiest ice cream ad | 39:50: Project Isaac and the year's most inventive marketing

Sep 6, 2017

Digital advertising is facing an ultimate moment of truth just as marketers and ad tech leaders gather for Dmexco, one of the industry's largest events. This week, we look at the issues expected to be debated in Cologne, we run down Adweek's 2017 Brand Genius honorees as the year's best marketers, we talk about the revival of LinkedIn, and we check out the week's best ads.

Topics and timestamps:

2:15: Adweek's 2017 Brand Genius honorees | 9:36: LinkedIn's surprising comeback | 15:15: Wonderful Pistachios goes dark and deadpan | 21:38: The woman who memorized Ikea's catalog | 29:32: What is Dmexco? | 32:00: Marc Pritchard's crusade for better digital ads | 37:30: Are ad networks getting better?

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