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Jan 16, 2018

Take a break from peeing on Ikea ads and join us for a discussion of Facebook's big newsfeed changes, this year's Super Bowl and the good, bad and apology-worthy of video influencers like Logan Paul. 

Timestamps: 02:00: Facebook's newest newsfeed shift | 14:05: The state of Super Bowl ads | 18:50: Ikea's ad to pee on | 24:15: Are influencers a good investment for marketers? 

This week's panel:
David Griner, host
Tim Nudd, Creative Editor
Sami Main, Social Editor
Tim Carmody, Senior Tech Reporter

Jan 8, 2018

Adweek's writers and editors are DTFreely discuss what we expect from CES and how we feel about OkCupid's new "DTF" ad campaign. We also talk about the resolution of an anti-gay discrimination case in the agency world and former Adweek editor Michael Wolff's high-profile new book about the Trump campaign.


1:15: Omnicom settles anti-gay discrimination lawsuit | 11:00: Michael Wolff's marketing masterstroke with Fire and Fury | 18:25: OkCupid gets DTF in new campaign from W+K New York | 24:55: CES predictions and analysis with Adweek's tech team

Dec 18, 2017

It's been a looong year, and this week we're looking back on the trends, events and work that defined 2017 in the worlds of marketing and technology.

Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Visit to learn more.

Timestamps: 1:30: The $4 billion U.S. Army review has been "irreparably compromised," according to concerned DoD employees | 7:05: Disney is acquiring 21st Century Fox | 14:30: The year's best outdoor ads | 24:00: The year's best print ads | 31:30: The trends that shaped 2017

Dec 12, 2017

There's a lot to unpack this week, first in the news of a major agency creative chief's firing due to sexual assault allegations, then in the newly announced Golden Globe nominations and finally in our annual round of the 10 Best Ads of the Year. 

Timestamps: 01:15: Martin Agency's CCO is out after multiple harassment allegations | 16:25: Golden Globe nominations | 22:10 The 10 Best Ads of the Year

Dec 5, 2017

Who were the year's top agencies in the U.S. and around the world? This week, we reveal the honorees in Adweek's annual selection of the year's most iconic ad firms. We also talk about the week's news and ads you won't want to miss.

Timestamps: 1:10 - Will high-profile harassers drive even more viewers away from TV news? | 8:40: CES takes heat for its all-male keynote lineup | 15:00: CVS looks to buy Aetna | 17:25: Spotify is back with more clever data hilarity | 26:10: A post-apocalyptic Christmas ad worth watching | 31:50: U.S. Agency of the Year | 41:00: Global Agency of the Year | 47:15: Breakthrough Agency of the Year | 52:10: International Agency of the Year

Nov 20, 2017

Got Star Wars fatigue? We did, too, until a great EA ad this week. We discuss that, as well as other fun new ads, including Volvo and the Spanish Lottery. We also look at digital media's difficult week, and run down our new digital feature package on challenger brands.

Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Learn more at

Timestamps: 1:55: A tough week for digital media. | 6:25: Cards Against Humanity's latest holiday stunt. | 10:33: Strategy magazine's 2017 Agency of the Year parody videos. | 20:10: Volvo wraps up its nonlinear storytelling trilogy. | 25:41: BBH's great ad for Star Wars Battlefront II. | 32:57: Long-form love for Lowe's escape room and the Spanish Lottery's latest Xmas ad. | 34.42: All about challenger brands in television, beauty, travel and more.

Nov 12, 2017

Follow the money, herbs and spices as we connect the threads behind KFC's recent Twitter stunt, which seems to have fired up the conspiracy theorist corners of the internet. We'll also look at the week's best ads and Adweek's new list of Los Angeles Brand Stars honorees.

Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Learn more at

Timestamps: 3:15: Delving deep into KFC conspiracy theories. | 15:35: Adweek's Los Angeles Brand Stars | 23:10: Does John Lewis' 2017 Christmas ad deliver? | 30:40: Google and Samsung get creative for their new phones | 35:10: North Face's freestyle skiing masterpiece | 38:30: Jimmy Kimmel and late night's moral compass.

Nov 4, 2017

With David and Kristina away, Tim goes rogue and ditches our usual format to spend the hour chatting with Angela about the best (and worst) ads of the week, from Ikea's great preroll ads to the virtues (or not) of "friendly" cease-and-desist letters.

Timestamps: 2:17: Ikea's preroll ads | 10:30: Alo House's short film | 20:52: Hornbach's DIY anthem for women | 26:30: Friendly cease-and-desists letters | 34:14: Little Rock says no to Amazon HQ2.

Oct 30, 2017

In this week's spoiler-free episode, we're talking about the marketing blitz behind Stranger Things, Season 2, along with our annual Publishing Hot List tallying the year's top sites and magazines. 

Timestamps: 1:00: McDonald's massive media account is up for grabs | 8:00: Stranger Things stunts, Snapchat lenses and other partnerships | 18:25: Burger King broils Ronald McDonald again | 20:45: Under Armour's surprising new star athlete |   27:40: Haunted masks and other Halloween ads | 31:25: Adweek's Publishing Hot List for 2017

Oct 23, 2017

Long form? Short form? Molly Wilkof and Zoe Kessler are two of today's best at both, creating the ultra-brief "Yes Good" tagline for Emerald Nuts and a compelling new narrative campaign for dating app Hinge. This week, the creative duo from agency Barton F. Graf joins the Adweek team to talk about the challenges and rewards of modern storytelling in marketing. And, of course, we'll catch you up on the week's news and ads worth watching.

Timestamps: 2:05: JWT's ex-CEO reappears in a new role amid an ongoing discrimination lawsuit. | 9:00: Nielsen is finally measuring Netflix, but the streaming giant is not pleased. | 15:15: Burger King takes on bullying. | 22:30: Will Ferrell indulges in too much screen time at dinner. | 29:40: Molly Wilkof and Zoe Kessler share their secrets for modern storytelling. 


Oct 16, 2017

Adweek's writers and editors are back to talk about the Brand Genius class of 2017, our annual roster of the year's top marketers. We also talk about Dove's accidental racism, the call for a female boycott of Twitter and criticisms of WPP playing both sides of the gun-control debate.

Oct 9, 2017

It's time to honor some of the top talent under 40 in marketing, media in tech as Adweek unveils 2017's Young Influentials. We've even got one in the house: Bennett D. Bennett, BBDO copywriter, joins our editors and writers for a discussion of key influencers like multitalented HBO star Issa Rae. We also talk about the shadow cast over Fearless Girl with news that the client's parent company must pay $5 million for gender inequality.

Timestamps: 1:10: Can Fearless Girl's legacy endure the client's new PR debacle? | 12:45: How Las Vegas' messaging shifted after disaster | 20:40: Jackson Hole channels Charlie Chaplin | 27:55: Volkswagen gets real about family | 36:10: Issa Rae and 2017's other Young Influentials.




Oct 2, 2017

Step into our artisanal gourmet pop-up storefront, because this week, Adweek's editors are talking about experiential marketing and why brands are going big on real-world activations. We're also looking back at Advertising Week New York, debating ad award shows (again) and talking about the monetized nightmare hellscape of subway riding.

Sponsor: NPR One. Visit to learn how your brand can connect with NPR One listeners. 


01:38: Video ads are coming to the subway. :( | 07:36: WPP tightens the screws on Cannes Lions and Eurobest | 14:35: Advertising Week NY recap | 25:15: Audi and BBH London send in the clowns | 28:25: Droga5 creates a second brain for MailChimp | 32:40: Netflix lets you build a drug cartel in Facebook Messenger | 36:45: Why experiential marketing is so hot right now, and who's doing it well

Sep 24, 2017

Fall TV is back! Print ads are back! Advertising Week NY is back! That means our panel of Adweek writers and editors has plenty of trends, topics and trash fires to talk about this week. Let's dive in.

Sponsor: NPR One. Visit to learn how your brand can connect with NPR One listeners.

Timestamps: 01:15: Fall TV preview—we preview the season's best and worst new shows | 16:35: Snowbird ski resort turned one-star reviews into a five-star ad campaign | 20:35: L.L. Bean's print ad that can only be seen outside | 24:30: Advertising Week NY kicks off, and we look at the trends and topics that'll dominate the week.


Sep 20, 2017

Grab an Emmy in one hand and a Media Plan of the Year trophy in the other, because it's time for Adweek's weekly podcast. We're talking about Apple's shift against ad tracking, the year's most innovative media plans and how Hulu and Netflix eclipsed Amazon at the Emmys.


01:35: Apple faces backlash from the ad industry over tracking limitations | 09:00: Hulu wins big at the Emmys | 15:25: Errol Morris (and son) created 56 ads for one campaign | 23:00: TV's doctors are back (with Doogie Howser) for Cigna | 27:35: 2017's Media Plans of the Year

Sep 13, 2017

Please hold this podcast to your face as we scan your identity, then we'll get into our discussion of the new iPhoneX, this year's inventive marketing ideas being honored by Project Isaac and the client impact of Fearless Girl.

Timestamps: 0:45: Apple's big announcements | 13:45: Panel introductions | 15:10: Fearless Girl's impact for the client | 22:25: Bumble's brilliant catfish-roasting food truck | 28:00: Lyft rides back to the 1800s with Jeff Bridges | 34:35: Halo Top creates the year's creepiest ice cream ad | 39:50: Project Isaac and the year's most inventive marketing

Sep 6, 2017

Digital advertising is facing an ultimate moment of truth just as marketers and ad tech leaders gather for Dmexco, one of the industry's largest events. This week, we look at the issues expected to be debated in Cologne, we run down Adweek's 2017 Brand Genius honorees as the year's best marketers, we talk about the revival of LinkedIn, and we check out the week's best ads.

Topics and timestamps:

2:15: Adweek's 2017 Brand Genius honorees | 9:36: LinkedIn's surprising comeback | 15:15: Wonderful Pistachios goes dark and deadpan | 21:38: The woman who memorized Ikea's catalog | 29:32: What is Dmexco? | 32:00: Marc Pritchard's crusade for better digital ads | 37:30: Are ad networks getting better?

This week's episode is sponsored by The Trade Desk. With your audience on every device under the sun, it’s a good thing your media buy can stay under one roof at The Trade Desk. Learn more at

Aug 30, 2017

This week we take a break from news and trends to answer YOUR questions—about advertising, about Adweek, about tech, you name it.

This week's panel:
• David Griner, Adweek director of digital initiatives
• Stephanie Paterik, Adweek managing editor
• Kristina Monllos, Adweek senior editor

Time stamps for questions: 01:15: "Is subliminal advertising still a thing?" | 05:50: "Will Adweek move into the UK?" | 08:00: "What is programmatic advertising?" | 11:35: "What is the best way to get on an agency creative team?" | 19:00: "Will you log times in episode descriptions?" (Done.) | 19:55: "Will Adweek create a daily podcast?" | 20:40: "Should you work in an agency before starting one?" | 23:00: "What does the future hold for the 30-second spot?" | 28:00: "What are major differences between Gens X, Y and Z?" | 32:10: "What's the future of brick-and-mortar businesses?" | 38:00: "What have you learned from podcasting?"

Aug 24, 2017

Yay, it's time for TV to get good again, and we've gathered some of Adweek's top TV experts to weigh in on the outlook for fall and 2018. We also talk about the NFL's ratings decline, how marketers embraced the eclipse and the newest ads worth watching.

This week's panel:
• David Griner, Adweek director of digital initiatives
• Tim Nudd, Adweek creative editor
• Aneya Fernando, Adweek digital projects manager
• Jason Lynch, Adweek senior TV editor 

Aug 16, 2017

Cuddle up with your fur baby and get ready for an in-depth look at the parenting habits and trends among millennial parents. This week, Adweek's panel of editors also looks at Trump's CEO fallout, how agencies rig production bigs and how EnergyBBDO made a tear-jerker of an ad for...Windex.

This week's panel:
• David Griner, Adweek director of digital initiatives
• Stephanie Paterik, Adweek managing editor
• Kristina Monllos, Adweek senior editor for brand marketing

Aug 9, 2017

Yell at your smart home to dim the lights and silence the flying roomba, because our podcast panel is back to talk about the hottest trends in marketing tech. We'll also catch you up on Google's diversity debate, a hotel group's ad assault on Airbnb, Dunkin' sans Donuts, the Bachelorette finale, our talk with film/ad legend Errol Morris and more!

This week's sponsor: NPR One. Learn more about connecting your brand with NPR One listeners at

This week's panel is:

David Griner, Adweek director of digital initiatives
Tim Nudd, Adweek creative editor
Lauren Johnson, Adweek senior tech editor
Sami Main, Adweek digital media reporter
Marty Swant, Adweek tech reporter


Aug 2, 2017

Is advertising a soulless den of carnivorous capitalism? Yes. But that doesn't mean it can't occasionally accomplish a few good things. This week, Adweek's panel of editors looks at how marketers have tried to advance social causes, with mixed results. We also look at the week's best ads, the baffling chaos of White House communications, HBO's programming announcements and much more.

This week's panel:
• David Griner, Adweek Director of Digital Initiatives
• Tim Nudd, Adweek Creative Editor
• Kristina Monllos, Adweek Senior Editor, Brand Marketing
• Chris Ariens, Adweek Media Editor

Jul 26, 2017

Activate Taco Mode in your Lyft (or just go buy a taco like a sucker) and then settle in for a fun chat about the next hot jobs in digital marketing, the week's best ads, the pain of pivoting to video and much more on Adweek's podcast.

Jul 19, 2017

Delta vs. Ann Coulter. Reebok vs. Trump. Square vs. ... a fart sandwich? Brands are increasingly willing to stand up to critics, politicians and trolls in social, so this week we look at the growing trend of Twitter clapbacks. We also talk about the return of DuckTales, the best ads of the week and Chicago's new "alternative" to ketchup.

Jul 12, 2017

There have just been too many good ads (and "probably ads") in 2017 to wait until the end of the year, so we're pausing to recap all the best work from the first six months. We also talk about brands with millennial loyalty, learn about a "Ghost Store" letting you experience a moment of eternity, and get an update on the legal case against Dentsu over an allegedly overworked employee's suicide.

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